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about us

about our history & people

The site of our hotel has seen more than 350 years of city history. Set over a stream that once fed ships and the Dutch Company Gardens, over time it has been a pasture, flour mill, part of a failed silk industry, a barracks, tavern and also the small Trocadero Hotel. Bought by the Petousis hoteling family in 1973, it would make way for the Dorpshuis and later, the 12 storey Townhouse. Today our 100-strong team still represents the many cultures and nations that built our city. Our motto: ‘dare to care’.

about our living green hotel

We are committed to Responsible hoteling. Many Hotel devices and practices help conserve energy and water and we recycle most of our waste. We also use local, sustainably/ethically produced goods like wine, coffee, meats, seafood and stationery. A percentage of all conference delegates’ fees go to greening projects, like Greenpop, and our staff also assist with initiatives like beach clean-ups and community gardens. For more info, contact Tracy Bisset at or our Group Sustainability Manager, Chris van Zyl at

about our kids of the cape

Taking care of people is what we do. This extends to less advantaged Cape communities, where our Kids of the Cape Fund assists some 15 upliftment projects that provide child/youth refuge and care, education, skills-training, feeding and care of the disabled. Run by elected Hotel volunteers, the Fund also receives vital contributions from our guests who are encouraged to add a small donation to their account, then matched by the Hotel. For more about our projects, please visit our website here: