I dont think i would have it in me to rate you otherwise! After my first experience at Townhouse i was booked in another hotel and while there, i wished i could move to Townhouse. Everything about this hotel is just perfect for me. The care – from the security guard to the cleaner is just AMAZING! The smile one gets from the receptionists just makes the day worth it and it invites. When i personally walk in i get “Well come back Mam, we missed you, how have you been?” They pay attention to everything – how one appears happy or sad and they go out of their way to make you happy if sad. To Top it all, when i was there last week, i had a long day at work and was going to knock off at 10pm. to my surprise, the receptionist called me around 8pm and asked what they can prepare for me for dinner and around what time should it be ready. Mind you when i got that call i had decided i would not bother them and i would sleep and just have a heavy breakfast the next morning. WOW!! I also need to give props to the owner and the Management at large for being completely prepared for COVID 19. You guys thought of everything and prepared to the tea. I forgot about COVID 19 while i was there and it felt safe. Thank you Family, i cant wait to see you guys next time.