Zaida Rhodes started working at Townhouse on 1 May 2005. She was hired as Jacqui’s Personal Assistant as well as the head behind the debtor’s books. Although she only started last year, she and Jacqui have a long history of working together, having first met back in the early ‘90s.

“I started out as a room attendant at another hotel back in the ‘90s. That’s when I first met Jacqui. Soon after she joined Townhouse she offered me a position as full time Debtors controller. I was nervous, as I had no experience. However, with Jacqui as my mentor together with her expert guidance and some courses in Bookkeeping, I have confidently grown in both positions”.

Jacqui seconds this sentiment, saying that Zaida has grown rapidly into her position and is an absolute life saver as her Personal Assistant.

“My current position as Personal Assistant and Debtors Controller allows me to be involved in many areas of the hotel, like the Front Desk, Stationary Stores, etc. I also love working with the people here, they’re a very friendly and pleasant crowd and every day I learn a bit more about other cultures and the industry”.